Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Golden Frog Waves Goodbye"
3" by 4"
Oil on Masonite

Yesterday on Neatorama, there was a report that a BBC documentary called 'Life In Cold Blood', which documents the lives of unusual reptiles and amphibians, had covered something called the Panamanian Golden Frog.

In addition to being bright gold in color (oh, and they're really a toad, not a frog) they wave to attract a mate.

When the documentary team got home, they were shocked to hear that a fungal infection had wiped out the entire wild population of Panamanian Golden Frogs. They had just filmed the last of them.

Now, there are some in private collections (the National Zoo has a few), but that's it for the wild population.

The BBC got the last wave.

So, I might be silly and sentimental, but I'm pretty upset about the whole thing.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm not even going to do the shortcut for LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

Tara Wheeler said...


You're laughing and my husband almost burst into tears when he saw it.

This one's getting rave reviews.

I think. :?