Monday, March 17, 2008

"The Black Draped Harp"
3" by 4"
Oil on Gessobord

Years ago, I used to play the Irish harp.

St. Patrick's Day was my least favorite day of the year. I've never seen him as a Irish hero.

St. Patrick was a Welsh slave, brought to Ireland in chains.

His curses toppled the Hill of Tara, at the time, the Irish seat of power, culture and knowledge.

He drove the snakes from Ireland (read; pagans) and instituted the religion of the White Christ.

And that set off a thousand years of civil war.

Every year, on St. Patrick's Day, I would drape my harp in black and not play it.

Everyone please lift your glasses to St. Patrick.

Having a holiday dedicated to drinking, song and merriment would probably have pissed him off no end.

I will not be joining you.

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