Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Magpie in Flight"
3" by 4"
Oil on Gessobord

This painting was all set to go up on the website yesterday, but we had a little technical difficulty out here at the Ranchito.

My digital camera and David's laptop were stolen from my Subaru at our local gym while David and I were inside working out.

The good and bad news was that the thief didn't break any windows to get into my car. We still don't know how he got in. :/

The good news was that the thief was caught minutes later, just up the street, and the Taos Police Department called us about 10:30 last night to confirm that they had our laptop and camera and that we could pick them up the next day once they'd been logged in and processed as evidence. :)

The bad news; my knitting (thirty dollars worth of German knitting needles and twenty dollars worth of superfine Australian Merino) is probably on the way to the Taos landfill. :(

I had been lugging the camera around in my car to catch some pictures of these magnificent magpies. I'm really loving these birds.

Now there's a thief I can live with.

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Katish said...

Sorry for your stitching:( you have pretty inspiring payintings - may be, it would help to inspire you, though you obviously do not read Russian:)